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Dyslexia Support




Students with dyslexia suffer from self doubt and may go to extreme lengths to hide their difficulties. If they haven’t received adequate remediation, by High School, they are often frustrated and demoralised. They are frustrated by the fact that they process information, read and write much more slowly than their peers and therefore become overwhelmed by the quantity of work expected. No matter how hard they try, their written work rarely reflects their ability. They have likely had many well-intentioned, but misinformed teachers accuse them of being lazy or inattentive and not working to their potential.


“Intelligence masks Dyslexia and Dyslexia masks intelligence”


Dyslexic students may be talented in areas like oral expression, problem solving, big picture thinking, intuition and insight, computing, mechanics, grasping mathematical concepts (in spite of having difficulties with simple computation and recall of basic number facts). Teachers must be better taught to acknowledge their strengths and not only focus on their weaknesses.


TuitionWorks supports the the International Dyslexia Association.