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Hickey Program



The Hickey Multi-sensory Literacy Program is one of the few research based and internationally respected program for teaching literacy to students with Dyslexia and other significant reading disabilities or delays.

The program is recommended by the British Dyslexia Association and the International Association US. It is very effective in the long term. Many aspects of the program are a type of therapy that requires much over-learning.

The structure of the program spans 89 Teaching Points that are each taught explicitly and then revised in an on-going way throughout the program.

It is a different way of learning from classroom practice. It is based on thorough teaching and practice, practice, practice on the part of the student until the knowledge becomes automatic and permanent.

The student starts off learning, in depth and detail, all aspects of the single letter sounds and progresses through to more sophisticated letter combinations and sounds, syllabification and the decoding of words, spelling rules, grammar and written expression.

Everything the student is taught is put on a card and added to their personal pack. This pack when practiced regularly aids memory and recall .

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