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Programs & Methods


Tuition Programs

We cater for students from pre-school to Year 12 of all levels of ability, from remedial to average to extension. We help students to catch up, keep up and get ahead. We cover Mathematics, English, Reading and Science. We help students prepare for exams, including the Opportunity Class, Selective Schools, NAPLAN and the HSC.


Types of Classes

Our tutoring programs provide expert instruction in the most important knowledge and skills in each subject. Students are first assessed to determine the starting point of the program. They are given individual attention in areas that they need so that a basic understanding is developed. Students are motivated to practise these and other skills until they are consolidated . Revision of these skills over a period of months and years will enable them to be mastered.

Learning is maximised when students are calm, confident and concentrating on the task in front of them. A small group setting allows for the most effective learning. The skills and confidence students develop in the small class leads to independent learning and the willingness to ask questions and get full value from classes at school. By contrast, one-on-one tutoring can be a quite intense situation, especially if the tutor feels the need to talk and interrupt the student all the time. Sometimes students become dependent on their tutor, and are not able to perform well in the school and exam setting. If a child only performs well in a one-on-one setting, they will fail at school.

Areas that require improvement

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Tuition Methods

Learning is the gaining of knowledge and skill. Some students learn best from visual presentations, others from verbal presentations, and others from actually doing the task themselves. We incorporate all three learning modes in an interactive manner that encourages deep understanding and memorisation. In the calm, positive and motivating atmosphere of our group tutoring sessions, students are encouraged to achieve their academic potential.

Our unique approach to learning helps students develop self-confidence and an “I can do it” attitude. Students become self-motivated and keen to study. By developing powerful concentration and using the best study techniques available, they learn more in less time . The boost in self-confidence developed by academic success leads our students to become happily involved in life at school, at home and in the community.