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2017 Timetable (Draft)


Classes shown in the timetable are correct as at January 4 2017, however, there is no guarantee that all classes will be available at any given time. If you need some help in choosing the best classes, please check with Carole or Annette. It would be best if you can let us know your first two class preferences for each subject. If you are unable to find a suitable class, please let us know as we may be able to start a new class.



Subject Year Day Time
English 12 Advanced Monday 5:45pm
English 12 Standard Wednesday 6:30pm
English 11 Std/Adv Tuesday 6:00pm
English 11 Std/Adv Wednesday 5:30pm
English Year 9/10 Monday 4:45pm
English Year 9/10 Tuesday 4:00pm
English Year 7/8 Monday 3:45pm
English Year 7/8 Tuesday 5:00pm
English Year 7/8 Wednesday 4:30pm


Subject Year Day Time
Maths 12 Advanced Tuesday 6:00pm
Maths 12 (no sport) Wednesday 1:00pm
Maths 12 (no sport) Wednesday 2:00pm
Maths 12 Adv/Ext Wednesday 5:45pm
Maths 11/12 General Thursday 5:45pm
Maths 12 General Tuesday 6:00pm
Maths 12 Friday 3:45pm
Maths 11 Advanced Thursday 4:45pm
Maths 11 Advanced Friday 4:45pm
Maths 11/12 General Monday 6:00pm
Maths 11 General Friday 5:45pm
Maths Year 10 Tuesday 5:00pm
Maths Year 10 Thursday 3:45pm
Maths 9/10 Monday 5:00pm
Maths 9/10 Tuesday 5:00pm
Maths Year 9 Tuesday 4:00pm
Maths Year 9 Wednesday 3:45pm
Maths Year 8 Wednesday 4:45pm
Maths 7/8 Monday 4:00pm
Maths 7/8 Tuesday 4:00pm

Primary School

Subject Day Time
Primary English Monday 3:45pm
Primary Maths Monday 4:45pm
Primary Monday 5:45pm
Primary Tuesday 3:45pm
Primary Tuesday 4:45pm
Primary Tuesday 5:45pm
Primary Wednesday 3:45pm
Primary Wednesday 4:45pm
Primary Wednesday 5:45pm
Expressive Writing 1 Years 3/4 TBC
Expressive Writing 2 Years 5/6 TBC

Reading Classes

Reading - All students to be notified individually of sessions times. Morning and day classes for reading and pre-reading are available.
Subject Day
Dyslexia Program Mon-Fri Indiv notified
Barton Program Mon-Fri Indiv notified

Life Skills Classes


Pre-Reading Classes


DILP Classes


Spelling/Writing Classes


Senior High School Subjects