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2018 Timetable 

If you need some help in choosing the best classes, please check with Ben or Bronwyn. It would be best if you can let us know your first two class preferences for each subject. If you are unable to find a suitable class, please let us know as we may be able to start a new class.

English12 Adv/StdTuesday5:00pm
English11 Adv/StdTuesday6:00pm
English11 Adv/StdTuesday4:00pm
EnglishYear 9/10Thursday4:45pm
EnglishYear 7/8Thursday3:45pm
EnglishYear 10Monday5:00pm
EnglishYear 8/9Monday4:00pm
English11 Adv/StdFriday5:00pm
Maths12 AdvancedWednesday 1:00
Maths11/12 GeneralWednesday 5:45
MathsYear 7/8Wednesday 4:45
MathsYear 9/10Wednesday3:45
Maths11 AdvancedTuesday5:45
MathsYear 7/8Tuesday5:00
MathsYear 9/10Tuesday 4:45
Maths11/12 General Tuesday6:00
MathsYear 9/10Tuesday4:00
MathsYear 7Tuesday3:45
Maths12 AdvancedThursday 4:45
Maths11/12 GeneralThursday 3:45
MathsYear 9/10Monday4:00
MathsYear 7/8Monday5:00
Maths12 AdvancedMonday6:00
MathsYear 9/10Friday 3:45
Maths11 Adv/GenWednesday 4:45
Expressive WritingYear 7/8Friday4:00pm
Expressive WritingYear 5/6Wednesday 5:00pm
Expressive WritingYear 5/6Monday6:00
Expressive WritingYear3/4Monday4:00pm
Primary Maths Monday 5:00
Primary Maths Wednesday 4:00
Primary Maths Tuesday3:45
Primary Maths Tuesday4:45
BiologyYear 11Wednesday 3:45
ScienceWednesday 5:45
ScienceThursday 3:45
ScienceThursday 4:45
ScienceThursday 5:45

Reading Classes

Reading – All students to be notified individually of sessions times. Morning and day classes for reading and pre-reading are available.

Dyslexia ProgramMon-ThursIndiv notified
Barton Program Mon-FridayIndiv notified

Short Courses 

During the year we run a number of short courses covering different skills essential for learning. Anyone is welcome to enrol in these courses, you do not have to be a current client. Bring a friend and see how much difference even a short course can make!

CALL the office for more details.

Essay Writing 11-121Friday 9 Feb5:30-7:30
Essay Writing 11-122Friday 11 May5:30-7:30
Essay Writing 11-124Friday 26 Oct5:30-7:30
Essay Writing 9-101Fridays 16 Feb-16 Mar5:30-6:30
Essay Writing9-104Fridays 2 Nov-30 Nov5:30-6:30
Study Skills11-121Friday 23 Mar5:30-7:30
Study Skills11-124Friday 19 Oct5:30-7:30
Study Skills9-102Fridays 18 May-8 Jun5:30-6:30
Study Skills9-103Fridays 27 July-24 Aug5:30-6:30
C.H.A.S.E.7-83Fridays 31 Aug-28 Sep5:30-6:30