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Year 11 to Year 12 Tuition Programs

Senior Secondary Maths Years 11-12

These programs in the General, Mathematics, Extension 1 and Extension 2 courses are designed to maximise marks for our students in their exams. We do this by clearing up any misunderstandings they have with their current topics, showing the most effective ways of setting out solutions, and organising revision of earlier topics. Practice exams allow students to check their progress and then fine-tune their studies. Tutors are experienced teachers and many have SC and HSC marking experience.


Senior Secondary English Years 11-12

These programs in the Standard and Advanced courses develop reading and writing skills in a range of text forms, which is useful across a number of subjects that require essay writing. Students focus on the texts they are studying at their school, as well as the common Area of Study. Students learn to analyse texts at a very sophisticated level. There is a lot of jargon in the senior English courses. We help students to incorporate this jargon and all the other important devices in their written responses. This allows them to score maximum marks.


Senior Secondary Physics Chemistry Biology Years 11-12

These HSC tuition programs allow students to develop their understanding of their current topics while revising earlier topics. Learning how to use their knowledge to the best advantage under examination conditions is an integral part of these courses.


Essay Writing

Essay Skills workshops are run periodically. They are suitable for most High School students
Results of the past demonstrate that students who enrol from the beginning of the year have greater success because they remain motivated throughout the year. All required tasks, assignments and study are completed on time. Questions and problems that students may have are answered or resolved immediately, reducing stress and anxiety and allowing them to focus positively on their work.

What can students expect from the program?

» Sustained practice and review of key concepts and understandings

» A highly encouraging and supportive learning environment using cooperative learning techniques

» All bookwork marked and feedback given

» Celebration and acknowledgement of achievement and improvement

» Access to tutor for discussion and feedback

» Tutors are available for personal and phone consultation for support, advice, discussion of individual learning needs and advice on supporting your child as a unique individual

» Exposure to inspirational messages on contemporary issues by exceptional individuals